Posted On: March 12, 2012 by Ryan Bradley

I-55 Lane Change Causes Saint Louis County Car Crash

A two-vehicle collision happened on northbound I-55 in Saint Louis County, north of Reavis Barracks. The collision occurred on March 12, 2012 at 2:15pm.

The Saint Louis County lane change car accident occurred when Tahir Krdzic of St. Louis, Missouri attempted to change lanes on northbound I-55. Krdzic’s 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass crashed into a 2008 Cadillac DTS, driven by Tyronne K. Houston of St. Louis, Missouri.

Four people were injured in the accident, two from each vehicle. Kimberly L. Cleaveland and Rochelle H. Green, both occupants in Houston’s vehicle, were injured. Alma Elijazovic and Krdzic suffered injuries as well. All of the injured people were taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Lane changes can be a surprisingly dangerous maneuver. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, a feature created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2% of fatal motor vehicle accidents involve a lane change or lane merge. Drivers have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to avoid causing lane change accidents.

The best way to avoid a lane change car accident is by taking prudent steps to ensure that the lane to be entered is empty. First, check the side and rearview mirrors of the motor vehicle for a break in traffic in the lane to be entered. If there appears to be a break in traffic, check the blind spot in the direction of the lane change by looking over your shoulder. If the blind spot is empty, signal the lane change. Then, ease gradually into the new lane. By taking these steps before each lane change, a driver can avoid causing a Missouri lane change car accident.

Drivers should also maintain visibility. Drivers should avoid putting anything near the windows on the car so that they can have a clear view of their surroundings. Drivers should also avoid tinting their windows. While drivers add window tint to make it hard for others to see them, tinting windows may also make it harder for drivers to see other vehicles on the road.