Posted On: October 29, 2011 by Ryan Bradley

Fiery Nodaway County Missouri Pickup Accident Causes on Triple Fatality

Three people were killed and four people were injured in a Missouri pickup truck accident on October 29, 2011 at 2:15am. The Missouri pickup truck accident occurred as Scott R. Woods of Hopkins, Missouri drove a 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck on Missouri highway 246, just half a mile east of Hopkins. The pickup truck ran off the south side of the road. Woods overcorrected and the pickup truck drove off the north side of the road. The pickup truck overturned re-entering the roadway and caught fire.

None of the occupants of the pickup truck wore a seatbelt. All of the occupants were ejected from the vehicle during the accident. There were three fatalities in the Missouri pickup truck accident. Chrystal N. Olerich, 18, and Benjamin T. McIntyre, 22, were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by Nodaway County Coroner Dr. Vince Shelby. Joshua E. Bix, 21, was transported to St. Francis Hospital for medical treatment, but Dr. Bob Matthews pronounced his death at 3:48am. Three other adults were injured and transported to St. Francis Hospital – Jordan L. Breeding, 19, Kaley L. Folkerts, 19, and Samantha L. Weed, 18. Weed was life-flighted to Omaha, Nebraska after her visit to St. Francis Hospital. Woods the pickup driver suffered injuries, but refused medical treatment at scene.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 8,000 pickup trucks are involved in fatal truck accidents nationwide. Pickup trucks account for 18.5% of vehicles involved in fatal traffic accidents. Pickup trucks account for a significant portion of fatal traffic accidents, even though other vehicles are more popular. Some analysts believe that Missouri pickup truck fatalities are related to the increased risk over rollover in a pickup truck accident.

Missouri rollover accidents cause a disproportionate number of traffic accident fatalities. Certain factors increase the risk of rollover accidents. Pickup trucks are more likely to rollover than passenger cars like coupes or sedans. Rollovers are more likely to occur in single vehicle accidents. Rollovers may occur when a driver overcorrects after traveling off the roadway. Avoiding these factors when possible may prevent a fatal Missouri rollover accident.