Posted On: March 21, 2011 by Ryan Bradley

Four Car Collision in Cedar County Sends Two Stockton Missouri Residents to Hospital

A four car Missouri car accident combined the destruction of a Missouri rear impact car accident and a Missouri wrong way accident on March 21, 2011 at 5:08pm. Two Stockton residents were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Ernest E. Rosenbaum, 43, stopped his 1994 Dodge Caravan in traffic on MO-32 just west of Stockton. Marvin F. Robinson, 46, had also stopped his 1991 Chevrolet in traffic on the same roadway. Michael G. Gioshes, 51, struck Robinson’s Chevrolet in a Missouri rear end collision, forcing Robinson’s Chevrolet to strike Rosenbaum’s Dodge. After striking Robinson’s vehicle, Gioshes’s Ford crossed the highway centerline into oncoming traffic. Gioshe’s Ford struck Michael G. Terhune, 56, in a Missouri wrong way auto accident.

Robinson, who was reportedly not wearing a safety device during the accident, suffered serious injuries. Kialla L. Barila, 14, suffered moderate injuries. She was an occupant in Gioshes’s Ford. Both Robinson and Barila were taken to Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri. This complex collision totaled two cars and caused moderate damage to the other cars involved.

Knowing what to do after a Missouri car accident can be confusing. Car crashes are often chaotic and disorienting. Knowing what to do is critical, because actions taken after an auto accident can affect the victim’s compensation. First, call the police and get medical assistance immediately after an accident. Delaying medical treatment will allow insurance companies to argue that the accident did not cause the injury. Second, exchange insurance information with the other people involved in the accident. Exchanging contact information is also recommended. Third, photograph the accident as well as the injuries and vehicle damage that it caused. Keeping a disposable camera in the car at all times is advisable. Fourth, keep documentation of the consequences of the accident (e.g. medical records, doctor’s visits, et cetera).

Accepting medical treatment, cooperating with the police, and refusing to accept the blame for the accident are wise choices that protect your rights after a collision. Remember to never give a written or oral statement to an insurance company before contacting a Missouri car accident lawyer.

Car accidents are a jarring personal experience. If you are involved in a Missouri car accident, contact a Missouri accident attorney as soon as possible.