Posted On: December 1, 2009 by Ryan Bradley

Warsaw, Missouri woman seriously injured in crash

Clarisa Pardee, 38, was seriously injured Tuesday afternoon in a multi-car Missouri injury accident on Mo. 83.

The crash involved three vehicles and occurred at the intersection of Mo. 83 and Christina Street in Benton County, Missouri. Pardee had stopped her 1983 Ford Fairmont to make a left turn when Robert Clymer, 66, crashed his 2002 Ford F250 into the back of her car. The force of the impact sent Pardee’s car across the center line, where it was struck a second time by a 2002 Jeep Wrangler, driven by Jeanette Boulet, 44.

Pardee was flown to University Hospital in Columbia for life threatening injuries. According to the crash report, neither Clymer nor Boulet sustained serious injury.

All involved in the accident were wearing seatbelts.

No indication was given as to why Clymer would have rear-ended Pardee’s vehicle. There may be extenuating circumstances, but in many cases like this, one driver is just being inattentive. Negligence is often assumed in rear-end collision cases. If Clymer was at fault, his insurance will be obligated to pay for Pardee’s medical bills. If Pardee chooses, she can contact a Missouri car accident attorney to assist her with the claim and make sure the payment she receives is enough to cover the extensive medical bills from the accident.