Posted On: December 8, 2009 by Ryan Bradley

Two car Missouri crash injures three in West Plains

Jennifer Liles, 23, Michael Omara, 37, and Michael Poch, 27, were all hospitalized after a Missouri car accident on Route CC.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Omara and Liles were traveling westbound in a 1995 Chevy Suburban. Omara, who was driving, attempted to pass a slower moving vehicle by passing into the eastbound lane. In making the pass, he pulled into the path of Poch's 1986 Ford Mustang and the two vehicles collided head on.

Poch sustained the most serious injuries and was rushed to Ozark Medical Center. Omara and Liles also sought treatment at a local hospitals, though their injuries were not as serious.

Both drivers were tested for alcohol.

We seem to be having a string of these types of injury accidents in Missouri where a car attempting to pass causes an accident. This is a legal maneuver on most rural roads in the state, but it is also a dangerous maneuver. As the passing driver, you must be absolutely sure the oncoming traffic lane is clear, otherwise you could can cause a serious accident like the one here in West Plains. Hopefully all involved can make a full recovery.

Even if the injured parties make a recovery, their medical bills will need to be paid. Generally, the at fault driver's insurance will pay for the injured party's bills that result from the accident, but sometimes it gets more complicated than that. An insurance company may try to find a way out of paying the claim or the amount of insurance may not cover the high cost of emergency medical care. If a driver would like assistance in filing a claim and dealing with these potential problems, he or she can contact a Missouri car accident injury attorney.