Posted On: March 31, 2009 by Ryan Bradley

Kahoka, Missouri crash seriously injures two

John Hesse, 80, and Judith Thompson, 53, were seriously injured Tuesday after their cars collided on Missouri 81 near Kahoka, Missouri.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, this Missouri injury accident occurred when Hesse tried to cross Missouri 81 in his 1999 Ford. Hesse’s car pulled into the path of Thompson’s 1999 Dodge and was struck in the passenger side door.

Both Hesse and Thompson were seriously injured. Hesse was taken by ambulance to Keokuk Area Hospital and Thompson was airlifted to Blessing Hospital.

Side impact collisions can, in many cases, be more dangerous than head-on collisions. Most cars have numerous safety features designed to keep passengers safe in the event of a head-on collision. The front end of the car also absorbs most of the impact. This is not the case in side impact collisions. While some vehicles do have side curtain airbags, the jarring side to side motion often creates neck injuries and the thin layer of the door often fails to keep the passenger safe from objects entering the cabin.

The initial crash report in the Kahoka crash is just the opinion of the investigating officer. Unless he actually witnessed the crash, it would be considered hearsay in court. A Missouri personal injury lawyer would need to conduct more extensive investigations should this incident produce a personal injury suit.